About Health365

Health365 is your online gateway to information and services provided by your GP. And it has been developed by the same team who created your GP’s information systems; ensuring services are integrated, up-to-date and secure.

Health365 is powered by Auckland-based MyPractice©, an award-winning provider of patient management systems to New Zealand GPs since 1994. The MyPractice© patient management system (PMS) is fundamental to the operations of your family doctor: storing medical records and test results; managing appointments; handling billing and accounts; and facilitating timely work-flow and communication between everybody involved in your care.

The MyPractice© team has designed Health365 to allow practices to extend access to appropriate information and services to patients online, anytime. The goal is to streamline interactions with your practice; while helping you to get more involved in managing the healthcare needs of you and your family.

Note: Health365 is a service provided by My Connection Limited, owned and operated by My Practice Limited.